15 Unforgivable Beauty Mistakes You've Definitely Made Once In Your Life

12 August 2016, 12:17 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Beauty Mistakes
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

There IS such a thing as too much eyeliner after all...

We've all been there - clumpy mascara, glittery lip gloss, way too much eyeliner. Our beauty game as a teenager is never going to be perfect, but it IS going to be hilarious to look back on and also, completely unforgivable. Check off every catastrophic mistake you've made in your life so far. We've done them ALL.

1) Over plucking your eyebrows.

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Remember when you first discovered the magic of the tweezer and got so hyped about getting rid of that unibrow that you plucked and plucked and plucked and plucked? Yep, we all learned the hard way. 

2) Overfilling your eyebrows.

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"Oooh, what's that? An eyebrow kit? BETTER PUT THAT TO GOOD USE!" The only thing worse than over-plucking your brows is over-estimating your personal ability to pull off the Cara. Truly tragic.

3) Wearing foundation that is 5 shades too light or dark for your actual tone.

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Listen, when you're a poor teenager, you're just happy with whatever damn shade and brand of foundation you can get your hands on. And besides, it takes at least 3 years before the average person finds their perfect foundation shade anyway so... let us live! (Lol, that's not true, I totally just made that up.)

4) Attempting to contour but forgetting to blend.

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The only person to blame here is the host of that YouTube tutorial that catfished us into thinking we could pull off a Kim K level contour with the basic contents of our budget make up bag.

5) Doing your make up in the dark.

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It's 6am, you're getting ready for school and you're avoiding turning your lights on 'cause the brightness will literally burn your corneas. So you decide it's a good idea to put on your face in the dark. And then you step out into the daylight... Big mistake. HUGE.

6) Overloading on the waterproof mascara.

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*does first coat* "Ooh, I love it. I need more!" *does second coat* "Yaaaaas! Lashes for days!" *does third, fourth fifth coat* "Serving you spider realness all day, every day!" *tries to wipe it off* ".........F*ck."

8) Fake eyelashes

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If ever there was a time to be subtle with your make up, it was when selecting your fake eye lashes for the school disco. Did any of us listen to that advice? Of course we didn't. The bigger the better, right?

8) Layering up on the sticky glittery lipgloss.

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You always bought the cheapest one. You always felt the need to re-apply every five minutes. You always ended up with it stuck in your hair. 

9) Discovering bright blue eyeshadow and insisting on wearing it to every party you ever went to.

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The first thing any teenage beauty addict did when their pocket money came in was head straight to the shop and drop some cash on the biggest, boldest, brightest eyeshadow palette in the world - if it didn't include blue then you didn't buy it. (If you didn't have an awkward bright blue eyeshadow phase then log off and stop judging the rest of us.)

10) Going far too overboard on the eyeliner.

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Before we mastered the art of the 'Zero Effort Smokey Eye', there was the 'Teenage Emo Smudge'. You applied your eyeliner so close to your waterline, that half of it was actually on your eyeball. Who cares tho? It was a look. And an iconic one at that. 

11) The fatal streaky fake tan disaster.

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If you never dabbled in fake tan then you haven't lived. It was like cheating death every day. One streak and you're out. 

12) Too much bronzer.

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Bronzer was the cheapest way to get that sun-kissed look without actually needing to cheat certain death by putting fake tan on your face. It was WAY better than blusher, but overdo it and you ended up looking like you've just spent a few minutes laying inside a toaster.

13) Really long fake ass nails.

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The ultimate symbol of being a grown up was sticking on some acrylic nails and going about your day like a boss-ass bitch. You felt fly AF until it suddenly dawned on you that you couldn't actually pick anything up and texting started taking twice as long as normal. An unmitigated disaster!

14) Using Tip-Ex as nail varnish

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GURL! Finding a cheap white nail varnish as a poor teenager was the most stressful thing you ever had to go through. Even if your nails looked like they'd just been dipped into a big pot of paint, at least you can seek solace in the fact that you're a resourceful Queen.


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