12 Cute AF School Bags That Will Actually Make You Want To Go To Class

21 August 2017, 16:10

Backpack and totes asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

School? I don't know her. Now, shopping on the other hand...

We know you're not looking forward to heading back to school. Endless school days, tedious exams, and classmates that make you want to scream. It's all par for the course. 

The one thing you can look forward to, however, is the abundance of cute accessories that come with back to school shopping. If you loathe school but love a good school bag, we've put together a few options that will actually make you want to go to class. 

1) It's bronze...it's vegan...it's badass. What more could you ask for? - £54.91

via Etsy/WildKISKIS


2) Right, so you might not be able to cary suuuper personal items in here. Buuut, we're suckers for see through accessories. - $29.00

Urban Outfitters dickies backpack

via Urban Outfitters

3) Say it loud, say it proud... £17.50

via Etsy/DrunkGirlDesigns

4) Nothing brightens up a day stuck in class like glitter and champagne. - £39.99

Mi Pac Gold Mini backpack

via Mi-Pac

5) I promise you that if Harry Styles went to your school this would be his backpack. - £28.00 

via Asos.com

6) We want this flat top bag from Forever 21, like, yesterday. - £23.00

via forever21.com


7) Always a sucker for gold, TBH. - £30.00

via Topshop/Hype


8) For the student who seriously has their sh*t together. - £15.99


9) Two words: red velvet - £25.00 

via Monki

10) I almost want to attend high school again just for this leafy moment. - $35.00

via Vans.com

11) For when your minimalist side gets the best of you. - $24.76

via Mochithings

12) This backpack is so aesthetic, you'll hardly remember that it's for school. - $29.99

Shiny backpack Urban Outfitters

via Urban Outifitters