GRAMMYS 2017: Here's What All Your Faves Wore To The Grammys Red Carpet

Halsey Brendon Urie Lady Gaga

Bae watch.

If there's one thing we've learnt in life, it's that the red carpet is almost always more entertaining than the award show itself. And with so many incredible artists in jaw-dropping outfits, Grammy's pretty much wins the prize for the Best Dressed awards show (for music, at least).  

1. Halsey will never let us down so long as we live.

Halsey The Grammys 2017


Where can we get one of these that isn't $$$


2. Man of the hour, Brendon Urie.

Brendon Urie The Grammys 2017


Panic! didn't win Best Rock album but Brendon won the red carpet so it's all fine. 


3. Here they are! Twenty One Pilots, pre-trouser drop.

Twenty One PIlots The Grammys 2017


We reckon there's a 99% chance that's Haley William's goodDYEyoung on Josh's head.


4. Blink 182 decided to rock the sunglasses inside look. 

Blink 182 Grammys 2017


We think they've earned the right to do that.


5. Lady Gaga with Metallica.

Lady Gaga Metallica The Grammys 2017


Can't wait to see this performance!


We're going to need a close up of that...


7. Camila Cabello looked like an princess.

Straight out of the Disney guide to princessing if you ask us.


8. Adele arrived in a glamorous Givenchy Couture gown and jfc it looks expensive.

Adele Grammys 2017




9. 'Woke pop' princess, Katy Perry, looked pretty fine.

Katy Perry The Grammys 2017


You had us at sparkles. 


10. Rihanna...need we say more?

Rihanna Grammys 2017



11. Charli XCX doing it right.

Charli XCX The Grammys 2017