15 Things You'll Only Know If You Had The Misfortune Of #GrowingUpUgly

4 July 2016, 16:59 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

At least we can all laugh about it together now, right? RIGHT?

Growing up ugly... it was tough. But we survived, and we have emerged on the other side of awkward puberty with the most unreal glo-ups of all time. If you're still navigating through what you *think* is a tough time (HINT: your glo-up is coming...) - then pull up and chair and join us as we laugh about ourselves together. #WereAaaaaallInThisTogetherrrrr

1) You literally can't take a compliment for sh*t.

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The struggle is real.

2) Because you automatically just assume they're either joking or taking extreme pity on you.

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To this day, you don't trust anyone that hands you a compliment for no reason whatsoever. What do they want? What are their motives? REVEAL YOURSELVES!

3) And when a someone wants to flirt with you, you don't believe it's legit for a damn second!



4) You're so good at introducing your friends to guys now, they should probably start paying you.


And the majority of them were guys you actually reaaaaally fancied. It still cuts deep, fam.


5) When all your 'pretty' friends start calling themselves 'ugly'... How dare they?


6) Let's face it your selfie game is the weakest of all time. 


Literally me af.

7) And you ruin EVERY squad picture you've ever been in.

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One day... one day, my friends. We'll nail it. 

8) But then there's that moment when you take ONE good photo, and it becomes your profile picture on every social media account you own.

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You've literally had the same profile picture on all of your social medias since November 2012, haven't you?

9) You would rather stick needles in your eyes than have to look at all your old school pictures again.

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The pictures are locked away somewhere secure. As far as you're now concerned, they no longer exists!

10) Valentine's Day? Never heard of it.

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What kind of soul destroying holiday would be celebrated in such ways amongst savage af children?!


11) You've nailed the third wheel role in both love and life.

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Remember those times in class when you were told to pair off and when you didn't get a partner you ended up getting tacked onto the pair next to you who made it clear they didn't want you there? Good times...

12) Alright, that's enough... it's getting a bit too real now. 


13) Seriously... I SAID STOP - BEFORE WE ALL CRY.


14) There's one silver lining though... 


You may not have thought you were blessed on the outside but gurl, you were golden on the inside from the drop.


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