12 Memes Only People Who Shop At Hot Topic Will Understand

24 October 2017, 15:31

hot topic memes cover
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Anyone got some hot cash burning a hole in their pocket?

As Lil Aaron once sang "I'm a hot topic, yeah (I'm a hot topic, yeah), Watch out cause I just might take your bitch to Hot Topic, yeah". They were wise words then, and they are arguably even truer now, although they are still very much irrelevant to this list of memes.

Anyway, if you've ever been a casual customer or if you are still storing up Hot Cash, these memes are made for you:


1) You can spot them a mile away.

hot topic meme 1 



2) Nothing more annoying. This is a limited time deal people!

hottopic meme 2 



3) Pennywise always knows what's up.

hot topic meme 3



4) Josh Run.

hot topic meme 4



5) Just take my damn money.

hot topic meme 5



6) We ain't "most girls".

hot topic meme 6



7) You get outta here!

hot topic meme 7



8) Have you ever seen me without this hat?




9) Bella just gets it.

holy fag


10) Farquad? Is that you?



11) Best. Sale. Ever.



12) Did you really think we wouldn't include Gerard in this?