17 Iconic Netflix Inspired Pins To Help You Show Off Your TV Obsessions

2 March 2018, 16:00

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

For anyone who loves a good Netflix binge sesh.

I don't know about you, but when I'm obsessed with something I need everyone to know it. Posters and t-shirts are all well and good, but sometimes you just need a tiny little reminder of your favourite TV characters and shows. 

Here are just a few pins inspired by Netflix shows that will make your inner TV nerd SO happy. 

1) Praise Barb pin inspired by Stranger Things- £7.00 Netflix Inspired Pins  

via Etsy/happyrose

Barb, we hardly knew ye. Buuut, we will remember you with this iconic enamel pin. You'll need this pin to wear when you defend your thesis on Why Barb deserved better. 

2) San Junipero pin inspired by Black Mirror- £9.76Netflix Inspired Pins

via Etsy/pinclusive

As if we didn't ALREADY want to pack our bags and move to San Junipero. We'll be rocking this pin until San Junipero is made into a real place. 

3) Todd Chavez pin inspired by Bojack Horseman - £7.51Netflix Inspired Pins  

via Etsy/PugnaciousPins

TRULY obsessed with this Todd Chavez pin. Bojack's sidekick deserves to go everywhere with you. 

4) The OA pin inspired by The OA - £8.00Netflix Inspired Pins  

via Etsy/newmoonpapergoods

I'm actually NOT okay because this OA pin is so nerdy and perfect. 

5) Luke's Diner pin inspired by Gilmore Girls - £6.01
Netflix Inspired Pins

via Etsy/FandomFlairPins

Don't talk to me unless you have ordered one of these for yourself and everyone in your immediate family. Positive vibes only, thanks. 

6) Netflix and kill pin - £6.00 Netflix Inspired Pins

via Etsy/ZombieDeathStare

Oh, this is good. This is real good. 

7) Daredevil mask pin inspired by Daredevil- £7.51

Netflix Inspired Pins

via Etsy/MoPins

Wouldn't you scream if you saw this out in the wild? It's just so dang cool. 

8) Baby slut pin inspired by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - £3.75

Netflix Inspired Pins  

via Etsy/TheSilverSpider

Now you and Titus can have matching Baby slut shirts. OR you could even start a baby slut club at your school with this as the official merch. Just spitballing here.

9) Joyce Byers pin inspired by Stranger Things - £9.01

Netflix Inspired Pins

via Etsy/warmbubblegum

This is so badass. Even if your friends didn't get the reference, it's still a hella cool pin to walk around with. But, let's face it. If your friends don't get the reference you need to treat them to a Stranger Things marathon. 

10) Dead dove do not eat pin inspired by Arrested Development - £7.51

Netflix Inspired Pins 17

via Etsy/mickeyalicekwapis

Please, when I die, bury me with my 'dead dove do not eat' pin. I have no other requests. 

11) Pinot noir pin inspired by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - £4.50 

Netflix Inspired Pins  

via Etsy/ladynobrow

Pinot noir, caviar, Myanmar, mid-sized car.

12) San Junipero pin inspired by Black Mirror - £9.76Netflix Inspired Pins  

via Etsy/pinclusive

Yeah, don't mind us. We'll be willing San Junipero into existence via this pin. 

13) Bojack Horseman "I have no self control" pin inspired by Bojack Horseman - £8.17

Netflix Inspired Pins

via Etsy/LittleSeekerPins

Iconic show. Iconic quote. Iconic pin. 

14) Stranger Things inspired mornings are for coffee and contemplation pin - £7.00 
Netflix Inspired Pins

via Etsy/punkypins

Classic season one Hopper saying the things you truly feel in your soul. 

15) Luke Cage inspired swear jar pin - £7.51 Netflix Inspired Pins  

via Etsy/inkedwellpress

The swear jar from Luke Cage is an enamel pin you can walk around in real life with and it's so freaking cool. 

16) Stranger Things inspired Eleven pin - £9.00

Netflix Inspired Pins

via Etsy/AlleycatGraphics

Eleven from Stranger Things looks like a total badass on this pin that captures a pivotal scene in season 2. 

17) Iron Fist inspired pin - £7.51Netflix Inspired Pins  

via Etsy/Shortboxed

For anyone who watched Iron Fist and couldn't get it out of their head for days.