19 Things Only People Who Are Obsessed With Converse Will Understand

1 April 2016, 12:39 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

The world's truest love story is that of a human and their Converse. #FACT

Life's original One True Pairing = Human + Converse. Tell Daniel he can keep his punk-ass white Vans... We all about those Chuck Taylors up in here.

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1) There’s literally nothing in this world better than a fresh pair of Converse.

(Ok, maybe Nutella... bUT CONVERSE THO.)


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2) But you know they have absolutely NOTHING on an old tatty pair.

footlocker / via giphy.com

3) In fact, you've probably got a new pair sitting at home while you're out wearing the old pair, haven't you?


4) "How To Clean Converse" is something you’ve NEVER googled. 


A photo posted by Baby Bones (@tiny_bones17) onMar 23, 2016 at 7:03pm PDT


5) And when people always judge you for wearing shoes with holes in, you're just like...

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6) You thought about buying new laces to give them a face lift but that would be reductive to your lewk. 

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7) Size doesn’t matter when it comes to Converse... but high-tops are low-key the best ones.

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8) Wearing Converse isn’t just a look, it’s a lifestyle. 

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9) You've probably rolled in some chunky skater shoes once or twice in your life. 


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10) But nothing compares to the Chuck Taylor All Stars.

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11) You’ve probably got about 15 pairs to your name and 7 of them are black.

("They're all different shades!", you scream at your Mum as you buy the 7th pair.)


12) And maybe like, 3 of them are covered in scribbles?


13) It’s a proven fact that Converse are suitable for ANY occasion. 


A photo posted by (@heejaeholic) onMar 31, 2016 at 8:39pm PDT


14) And throwing out an old pair in the trash is the hardest thing you've ever have to do.


A photo posted by caty (@catydutoit15) onMar 8, 2016 at 5:50am PST


15) In fact, it was so emotionally traumatising that you couldn’t bare to throw out your iconic pink Converse. 

("What would Avril say...", you whisper to yourself.)

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16) You owned a two-tone neon pair once… and you have absolutely NO regrets.

NBC / via twodumbgirls.tumblr

17) You and your friends have DEFINITELY taken one of these iconic Myspace pictures before.

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18) Walking into a Converse store is your equivalent of walking into Disneyland.

(NYC Store, Soho) / via coolhunting.com

19) But the most important thing you'll ever understand is...

Converse are LITERALLY for life... not just for Christmas.