10 Weird Beauty Trends In 2015 That We Definitely Didn't Try

1 December 2015, 16:38 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Please leave your 'Clip On Man Buns' at the door.

2015 was a year of Beauty madness! Did you try any of these trends?!

1) Baking 


Also known as Cooking, Baking has been used for years in the Drag community but made a massive mark on the mainstream beauty scene thanks to Kim K. You place a thick layer of powder on your highlighted areas and dust it off after 10 minutes for a studio finish.

Did we try it?: By 'bake your face', did you mean put your actual face as close to the pizza oven possible? Because that's what we did. Did we do it wrong? 

2) Jewelled Lips


A photo posted by ModelCo (@modelco_cosmetics) onJan 22, 2013 at 7:02pm PST

Glitter Lips were all the rage in 2015 but these jewelled lips are everything we've ever dreamed of. Although, it's definitely not worth picking plastic jewels out of our teeth every five mins, or is it?!

Did we try it?: Hahahahaha, how ever will we eat our double-decker cheeseburger with those jewels getting in the way?! Nope. Didn't do it.

3) Glitter Roots


HAIR GLITTER?! Sign us up! This trend was like Pinterest come to life, and it was dead simple... Pour gel into a mixing bowl and add glitter. Stir until even and spread until you can't spread no mo'!

Did we try it?: As much as we'd love to look like My Little Pony at a Miley Cyrus gig, we left this one for the cool kids. Coachella 2016, you better werk.

4) Clip On Man Buns 

First of all, no. Second of all, NOOOOO. If you're blessed with hair glorious enough to carry out a man bun, then proceed at caution. If you're currently waiting for the Amazon delivery man to bring your clip ons to your door, then EW! 

Did we try it?: ABSOLUTELY NOT! 

5) Clown Contouring


This wacky look is considered an art form by many of the beauty vloggers and bloggers out there. BellaDeLune kickstarted the trend to show that the most extreme base of make up could produce the subtlest contouring ever. She even added a Poop Emoji! YAAAS!

Did we try it?: Mmmmmmaybe we did. Maybe we didn't. Maybe we just forgot that the point of it all was to blend it all in. WHY WOULD WE WANT TO BLEND IN THIS WORK OF ART?!

6) Rainbow Roots 

Invented by Lottie Tomlinson of Tommo 1D fame, Lou Teasdale and Bleach London, these rainbow roots are iNSANE. It's the opposite of Colombre, a Kylie Jenner fave, and the after effects are LEGIT! 


7) Glitter Beards


There's no real explanation behind this trend but it's probably the easiest, and most effective. And it's arrived just in time for Christmas 2015! You'll definitely be the talk of the Office Party!

Did we try it?: We do not have the time nor patience to carry out such a look. Neither do we have such glorious beards as Brian & Johnathon.

8) Rainbow Brows

Created by make up brand Winky Lux, rainbow brows are the perfect way to jazz up your winter brow game. Worth noting: this trend was in fact blessed by the Unicorns. May we never have bad eyebrows ever again. 

Did we try it?: Sadly not, but they'd look really great with our rainbow glitter-rooted-hair for when we hit Miley's next tour.

9) Rainbow Armpits


A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) onMay 1, 2015 at 12:15pm PDT

Only Miley could bring this trend back into 2015, along with creative freedom and feminist girl power. Slay onwards, Miley!

Did we try it?: Again... sadly not.  

10) Bubble Nails

We have so many questions right now. "Did you PAY for them to look like that?!" "How do you even text?!" "WHAT ARE THOOOOSE?!" "WHY?!"

Did we try it?: If Britney doesn't get it... then neither do we.   


We can't wait to see what happens on the weird and whacky world of Beauty next year! GIVE US YOUR BEST 2016!