23 Weird Beauty Trends From 2017 That Sent Me To An Early Grave

15 December 2017, 15:45

Weird Beauty Trends
Picture: YouTube / Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

Please delete these from the internet. Thank you.

1) Nose Hair Extensions

I have so many follow up questions about this: 1) What even? 2) Why? 3) How do you even get to the point where you think 'Let me stick fake eyelashes up my nostrils' is a good idea? 4) Do you need help? While I'm 95% sure this was a joke, one can never really be sure with the beauty community on Instagram.

2) Christmas Nose Hair Extensions

Same as above x 1,000,000. Now you're just wasting eyelashes for those in need. I honestly wholeheartedly can't. This has ruined Christmas. Someone call the police.

3) Feather Brows

2017 was truly the year of the ironic eyebrow trend that actually ended up going viral anyway. Case in point: Feather brows. This is fine... if you're lucky enough to have luxurious, thick and striking eyebrows. What about the rest of us who are working with nothing? 0/10, would not attempt.

4) Crown Brows

If this was a marketing ploy by Netflix to promote season two of the critically acclaimed series The Crown, then it would have been genius. Unfortunately, it was not. It's a no from me.

brow crown

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5) Glitter Boobs

Glitter boobs - or 'Disco Tits' as they're more affectionally known - were created by goddesses of glitter, The Gypsy Shrine. Apparently they were big at Coachella, which makes perfect sense (everyone is glamorous, everyone is extra, weather is too hot so you're probs not wearing a top anyway...) but for a cold and rainy UK festival? Absolutely fucking not.

6) Glitter Bum

Ahhh, Disco Tits' younger, less sophisticated sister Glitter Bum... It sounds like a nightmare, it looks like a nightmare and I do NOT even want to think about the aftermath of going full Glitter Bum at Glasto. We ALL know what happens in this situation with sand... I'll say no more.

7) Barbed Eyebrows

I'm breaking out in a sweat just looking at it. Honestly, who has the time and the patience?

Barbed wire brow

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8) Squiggle Brows

I didn't spend 3 years at eyebrow school for the internet to accept this as a genuine look. Eyebrows are hereby officially CANCELLED.

9) Eyebrow Wigs

You know what, I'm not mad about these at all. They're actually genius. Weird, but genius. Eyebrows are officially un-cancelled again.

10) Terrarium Eyeshadow

Is it pretty? Yes. Is it practical? Not in the slightest. Does it have the potential to blind you for the rest of your life? Yes. Is it worth the risk? I would sayyyyyy... no, probably?

11) Using hardboiled eggs as beauty blenders.

Ahhhhh, the year of using whatever you can get your hands on as a beauty blender. Hard boiled eggs, though? Get out of my house right now.

EGG BLENDING SPONGE I have seen loads of beauty hacks using different things as blending sponge like 🍅, kitchen scourer, pads even condoms (I would have loved to try that but I would have to answer loads of questions from hubby lol) so I took it a notch by using a HARD BOILED EGG 🍳 Sienna had a filled day laughing so hard she said 'oh Mummy you are crazy and I love it' lol. Well anyway did it work YES it did, would I use it again hmmmm MAYBE . Would you try this hack? Yes or No. What you think? Let me know what other Instagram Beauty Hack you have tried and it actually worked for you. Do enjoy the video. Press Play my loves 💋❤❤❤❤ 🎼Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran #houseofsienna #shimycatsmua #universodamaquiagem_oficial #undiscovered_muas #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #peachyqueenblog #motd#tudoparachicas#strictlytutorials#likeforlike#sdeventsworld#followforfollow#fakeupfix#highlightandcontour#makeupvideoss#makeupartist #liveglam#1minutemakeup#tutorials#tutorial#makeupforbarbies#instagram#makeuptutorial#makeupdolls#ibeautybar#livetutorial#makeup#makeuptutorialsx0x @makeupforbarbies @buzzfeed #beautyqueens4ever

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12) Fidget Spinners as beauty blenders

I'll never forgive James Charles for this. Delete it.

13) Hair Nails

I don't know what's worse... the hair on the nails or the terrifying faces?! HELP. ME.

14) Squiggle Lips

When Kylie Jenner invented lips in 2016, she dreamed of a world where men and women alike could over-lined their lips in an orderly and polite fashion. This? It's an abomination. But hey, if you wanna go out looking like the Nickelodeon logo then be my guest.

15) Vagina Nails

Because nothing screams "THIS PUSSY GRABS BACK" like a lil' bit of subtle vagina nail art on your ring finger.

16) Tampon Nails

If the vagina nail wasn't enough for you, then behold the tampon nail.

17) Glitter Tongue

List of places where it's ok to put glitter: Your boobs, your arms, your hair, your nails, your legs... List of places where real life qualified doctors advise you NOT to put glitter: Literally inside your mouth. This one actually might send you to an early grave.

18) Nipple Nails

We've all got 'em, I guess...

19) Bloody Brows


20) Lollipop Lips

MAC! How could you do this? Why would you unleash this into the world?

21) Using a condom as a beauty blender

I actually want to start a fight with someone over this.

22) Pom Pom Brows


23) Full Face Highlighter