11 Truly Wild Things ASOS Have Sold That Will Make You Scream

20 April 2018, 11:43 | Updated: 20 April 2018, 12:36

ASOS. Picture: ASOS

By Marianne Eloise

ASOS has gone absolutely wild lately but here are a few of our all-time faves.

Online retailer ASOS are in the news pretty regularly for everything from sending people hilariously wrong orders to selling slush puppie machines to selling swimsuits that can't be worn in water. But mostly, they're talked about for selling really weird, hideous things that nobody even requested – but for some inexplicable reason, a lot of the time, are sold out.

Here's our faves, a haul of shame of pieces that literally nobody asked for yet are somehow completely iconic.

1. This dead pink cat.

Beloved cat died when it fell between your washer and dryer? Don't worry, carry this around and pretend it just got dyed pink.

2. This very revealing dress.

bow dress
Picture: ASOS

Like, where is this appropriate? It's not sexy enough for the bedroom and it's far too sexy for work drinks.

3. Some more roadkill...

Fur is gross. Fake fur that mimics the worst part of fur (i.e. the dead animal part) is wildly unnecessary.

4. Some crotchless jeans?

Crotchless jeans
Picture: ASOS

The model is being a coward and wearing shorts, but if you're going to invest in these, I say go the whole way and commit.

5. 4/20 blazer...it

Weed blazer
Weed blazer. Picture: ASOS

Everyone loves the deadbeat cousin who rocks up to a summer wedding in this bad boy with a Batman tshirt underneath.

6. A denim bra.

Denim bra
Picture: ASOS

We can only assume ASOS had a bad batch of leftover jeans and instead of turning them into shorts, some maverick created this monstrosity.

7. This pinafore suit.

Picture: ASOS

You know, for when you've got a business meeting at 4 but you're cooking dinner at 6.

8. What are thooosSSSSEEEEE!?!

Unicorn shoes
Unicorn shoes. Picture: ASOS


9. These wiggle pants.

Wiggle pants
Picture: ASOS

In the grand scheme of things you could say these aren't that bad, but we say: why. Why do they exist? Why would you wear them? Why don't you love yourself?

10. A velvet swimsuit.

Velvet swimsuit
Picture: ASOS

ASOS gave us some laughs with the swimsuit that couldn't get wet, but then they went one further with this one that would become sodden and heavy and give you war flashbacks to wearing your pyjamas in swimming lessons at school.

11. Jeans with a view

Clear knee jeans
Picture: ASOS

Got really cute knees? Knee tats? A cool scab you want to show off? Don't want to risk the wet knees that ripped jeans could give you? ASOS has just the thing with these window jeans!

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