What Does Your Signature Makeup Look Say About You?

30 December 2015, 17:02 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Makeup Looks 2015

By Victoria Pavlova

Eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

If there's one thing youtube has taught us, it's that makeup is truly an art form. And like any art form, the end result depends on your skill, determination and general amount of f**s left to give that day. 

Some key looks include:

The Super Natural face:

You're have the kind of life Tumblr dreams are made of. I bet you had a smoothie for breakfast after a little sunrise yoga sesh, didn't you? Is your new years resolution to become an actual unicorn? Keep doing you, you special snowflake.

The Heavy Instabrow

This is the kind of look that tells people you own the damn place and you're not about to surrender the HBIC title anytime soon. Your morning alarm probably rings with Rihanna's BBHMM, before you get up to slay the rest of your day.

The Bold Lip

This look is for the person who loves Christmas! Taylor Swift! Zoella! Red velvet cake! Commonly mistaken for a winter staple, the red lip can be worn all year round to show off your bright and bubbly personality. Recommended shade: the blood of your enemies.

The Perfect Contour

Praise be to Kim Kardashian and her ilk for bringing this look to the mainstream! How else would creative geniuses everywhere express their true personality? This one tells the world that not only do you take a killer photo, you've also got some covert design skills as well! This is advanced material!

The Excessive Contour

This immediately lets people know one of three things: You love Kim Kardashian, you've been watching too many beauty videos lately, and/or you got ready in the dark. Whatevs though, you can pull off a look this strong.

The Winged Eyeliner of Doom

In all honesty, this takes approx a century to get right. We really respect your dedication. A perfectly sharp wing is the universal sign of a person who is ready, willing and able to slay with a single look.

All the colours!

You heard one time that makeup is just a way to express yourself and you've been going all out ever since. After all, if it works on a pony, it should defo work on you, right? Right.

The Dewy Glow

You're a witch. Or a sea creature. That's the only explanation for this supernatural light you're shining. Tell us your secrets, senpai!

The full on smoky eye.

This classic lets the world know that you're stable, dependable, and would like to create your own line of makeup brushes one day. You know, just as wholesome as they come. Or, you're rocking it to your next coven meeting. Truly a timeless look.