Kylie Jenner Is Charging A Sh*t Ton Of Money For Her New Makeup Brushes And Fans Are Pissed

11 December 2017, 12:13

Kylie Jenner brushes
Picture: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram; Kylie Jenner/Instagram
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"I love kylie but what the f*ck??"

Kylie Cosmetics has had its fair share of controversies. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister has built a successful brand from the ground up, but that doesn't come without a certain amount of scrutiny.

Last week, some fans expressed confusion over how they were supposed to colour match Kylie's new concealer over the internet. Now, fans are turning up their noses at the hefty price tag of Kylie's new "luxury" Silver Series Makeup brushes.

As the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram post explains, buyers can order the brushes individually or get the complete set for $360.

In a later post, the company gave a complete price breakdown of the brushes in question.

1. Large Powder Brush $48
2. Large Stippling Brush $30
3. Medium Tapered Brush $28
4. Dense Powder Brush $26
5. Angled Face Brush $24
6. Rounded Face Brush $28
7. Medium Stippling Brush $22
8. Small Fluff Brush $22
9. Fan Brush $20
10. Large Shader Brush $20
11. Angled Blending Brush $16
12. Medium Shader Brush $20
13. Small Shader Brush $18
14. Concealer Brush $18
15. Tapered Blending Brush $20
16. Small Smudge Brush $18

Even for avid beauty fans who regularly drop serious coin on expensive eyeshadow palettes and beauty tools, $360 just sounded like a LOT of money

Some people even questioned the quality of these "luxury" brushes.

Kylie eventually addressed the controversy on Twitter, defending the pricey products.

Kylie price compared her new brushes to brands like MAC, NET-A-PORTER, and Kevyn Aucoin.

Fans weren't entirely satisfied with this explanation though. "Babe look at their quality, the packaging, and how long Mac has been in the makeup industry," wrote one person in response to the comparison.

Kylie later tweeted that she'd "heard" her fans and just wanted the best.

We have no reason to doubt that Kylie had good intentions, but the price point here is just baffling.

Over the years we've seen how well synthetic brushes like Morphe and Real Techniques have performed because they're crafted well and endorsed by beauty gurus and makeup professionals.

These brands that Kylie compared herself to have years of good faith relationships with consumers. You have to walk before you can run and charging $360 for brushes that certainly don't look all that luxury takes advantage of her loyal but young fan base.

Kylie should 100% do a synthetic brush line, make them high quality, charge $75 for a set of 16, and give her fans' wallets a well deserved rest.