This Band T-Shirt Might Be The Worst One Ever Made

asos band tshirt
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

ASOS have just put the new item on sale and it has some serious problems...

If you are anything like us, the majority of your wardrobe will consist of an endless supply of band merch that you've spent your entire allowance on since the age of 14.


Nothing wrong with that. But wanna see something seriously wrong? 

Well ASOS have just released a new fashion item that may just be the worst band t-shirt of all time:


Seriously...what the f*ck is that?

As Racked reports, the 'ASOS T-Shirt With Washed Band Print And Exaggerated Ruffle' has many problems with it.

1) The ruffle covers the band name - why get a band t-shirt if you can't see the name of the band? Maybe because...

2) The band isn't real. They do not exist. You are wearing a t-shirt celebrating a marketing exercise.

3) The whole thing costs, wait for it, $38!

That's roughly £25 for us Brits.


Really guys? Really?

Look, ASOS, we do love you guys dearly and we frankly spend far too much of our monthly wage on your wonderful website but seriously, this is just so wrong. Anyone attempting to attend a music festival this summer dressed as a confused metal ballerina should be immediately denied entry for their own good.

But, hey, if for some reason you actually love it, it's on sale at ASOS now.