ASOS Is Selling A Swimsuit That "Cannot Be Worn In Water"

6 March 2018, 15:37

ASOS Swimsuit
Picture: ASOS

By Katie Louise Smith

Does ASOS even know what a swimsuit is?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a 'swimsuit' is defined as "a piece of clothing that you wear for swimming." You put it on, head to the pool or the beach and go for a dip. In the water. Where you get wet.

ASOS is a good place to buy swimsuits. They have a variety of colours, designs, sizes. Some have embroidery, some have studs, some have various other metal embellishments. But apparently, some aren't suitable for... swimming.

Yes, the online store who have had a quiiiite few viral fashion faux pas in the past has done it again. This time, they're trying to sell a swimsuit that you can't actually wear in water. Seriously.

Spotted by writer Amna Saleem, the product description on the site lists a number of great features that you would expect a quality swimsuit to have such as: a stylish Bardot neck, colour-block style, studded embellishment, a high-cut leg. Oh... and "cannot be worn in water."


So, a 'swimsuit' that you can't wear in water... Isn't that just a leotard? And even better than that, the swimsuit is DRY CLEAN ONLY! Needless to say, the people of the internet are completely baffled.

And it's not even a one-off thing. 'Non-swimmable swimwear' has officially landed online and in stores.

The 'swimsuit' will only set you back £35. So if standing around at an Instagrammable pool party clutching a glass of Prosecco posing for any and every camera that happens to swing your way, this swimsuit is for you. Congratulations.