ASOS Are Selling Clothes Designed For Wheelchair Users And People Are LOVING It

5 July 2018, 11:55

ASOS Wheelchair Jumpsuit Accessible Fashion
Picture: ASOS

By Katie Louise Smith

ASOS have become one of the first major online brands to create affordable accessible fashion - and have non-able bodied people modelling it on the site.

Fashion brand ASOS are selling a waterproof jumpsuit, perfect for festival season, that has been designed so that it's accessible to both able bodied people and non-able bodied people - and people are LOVING it.

The online brand has committed to bringing accessible fashion to the forefront of the industry. On their website they write: "Accessible clothing is an area that we’re looking to make improvements in, both in terms of designing clothes differently and helping people with specific needs find what they’re looking for more easily." And it looks like they've really smashed it out the park with their first step into the world of accessible fashion.

The jumpsuit itself costs £50. The site points out that the piece is "not just any jumpsuit." It's been adapted to be wheelchair-friendly - it comes in two parts that zip together and is fully waterproof. It's a little longer in the back so it doesn't ride up and has adjustable cuffs to fit what ever length your legs and arms are.

What's even MORE iconic about it, is that ASOS partnered with Chloe Ball-Hopkins, a reporter and model who uses a wheelchair, to design the jumpsuit. She can also be seen in the pictures on the site modelling the jumpsuit.

On Twitter, Chloe explained that the jumpsuit wasn't specifically made for people in wheelchairs, it was made so it was more accessible to those who aren't able-bodied. The goal was to create something inclusive that everyone could wear.

"My thinking was the zip round the waist to make it a top & bottom as well is easier to get in & out of, cuffed ankles to allow for shorter people (& easier for wellies) & top waterproof pocket for phone/medical stuff. The key is it's fashion that's accessible, not for disabled," she explained.

The responses to the collaboration have been incredibly positive, and people are loving ASOS' commitment to making fashion more accessible.

While the response to the jumpsuit has been incredibly positive and overwhelming, some shoppers are pointing out that it is a little bit difficult to actually find the jumpsuit on the website without scrolling through the entire jumpsuit section. (It doesn't actually show up when you search 'Waterpoof jumpsuit' either.)

So, here it is.

Keep up the good work, ASOS 👏