These 'Beauty & The Beast' Make Up Sets Are Available Now But We've Got Some Bad News

1 September 2017, 11:16 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 15:02

'Beauty & The Beast' Makeup Collection Is Here
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Lorac Cosmetics' new line is certainly flying off the shelves but you may need to live in a castle to actually afford it.

Listen up Disney fans, the make up collection of your dreams is finally here.

Lorac Cosmetics have just unveiled their new Beauty & The Beast inspired range made up of four products - an eye shadow palette, a cheek palette, a lipstick collection and a lip gloss collection - all presented in a prestine metallic-style packaging.


The attention to detail should certainly impress fans as the palette contains shades named after recognisable terms from the movie including 'Beast Mode', 'Our Guest', 'Spell Breaker' and 'Inner Beauty'.


The lip stick and lip gloss sets have some similarly awesome names for their five shades: 'True Beauty', 'Red Rose', 'Belle-ieve', 'Tres Chic' and 'Savoir Faire'.

Finally, there's the three-tone cheek palette which is inspired by the enchanted rose at the centre of the movie.


Lovely stuff.

Now for the real question - how much does this all cost?

Well, the lipsticks are $36, lipgloss is $34, the cheek palette is $28 and the eye shadow palette is $48. Not bad individually but those prices add up in total.

And for UK fans, we have some bad news - if you wanna get products from the US-based Lorac, you'll have to go through Amazon which makes things way more expensive, the eye shadow palette alone now at £90! Similarly, the lip gloss is £76.99 and the cheek palette is £66.99. Yikes.

Basically, if you wanna look like Belle, you better save those pennies (or, ya know, beg your parents/partner/friends/random strangers for that perfect Xmas present).