24 genius Halloween costumes from 2018 that deserve a freakin' award

1 November 2018, 16:36 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 15:15

By Katie Louise Smith

Forget about those celebrity Halloween costumes, Twitter came through with a ton of iconic costumes and every single one deserves some sort of medal.

Halloween 2018 might be over but we're not done yet. Whether you dressed up and celebrated last weekend, or this coming weekend, there's still so many brilliant costumes that we need to talk about.

Of course, the celebrity world was out in full force this year, with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend serving their best Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and the Riverdale cast turning out their most gag-worthy costumes yet (Cole Sprouse, we're looking at you) but the real winners this Halloween were the people who shared their costumes on Twitter.

From a thotty Thanos to the absolutely genius 'reverse cowgirl', here are some of the most incredible, inventive and down right iconic Halloween costumes that have gone viral on Twitter:

The best Twitter Halloween costumes 2018
Lara Jean Croft and Thotnos are two of the best Halloween costumes from 2018. Picture: @nicolehe/@nicoisesalade via Twitter

This mash up between Lara Jean from To All The Boys and Lara Croft Tomb Raider is the most ambitious crossover of all time.

This genius 'reverse cowgirl' outfit that we can't believe we didn't think of before.

This Thotnos outfit can have permission to kill all the Avengers. I don't even care.

These guys who took the time to dress up as Elio and Oliver from Call Me by Your Name.

This Shane Dawson costume? I just got chills.

This Cynthia doll from Rugrats is exactly how you're supposed to do Halloween, ya dumb babies.

This little kid dressed as Darla from Finding Nemo can take all my candy.

This little kid dressed as a creepy headless child may not take all my candy.

This White Chicks costume complete with choreography will go down in the history books.

This effort to bring Nessa and Bryn from Gavin and Stacey back to life is iconic.

This Cleopatra and Caesar is actually better than the actual Cleopatra and Caesar.

This cosplay of Coraline's other mother will give you nightmares for weeks.

This Green Army Men couples costume will never be beaten.

This mum who dressed as her daughter is the GOAT.

This She's The Man costume is honestly THAT bitch.

This 'Minion Dollar Baby' look is genius.

This baby SZA deserves the world.

This very niche X Factor costume? It's a YES from me.

These moth and lamp costumes have gone too far.

This Bee Movie inspired couples costume deserves an Oscar.

This perfect costume of Bob Ross working on a masterpiece should be placed in the Louvre.

This Tonya Harding and LaVona Golden costume really is the best thing I've ever seen. The parrot ALONE gets full marks.

This perfect costume of a dog standing on four Locos deserved better. Smh.

This terrifying all-in-one skin suit has officially won Halloween. It's done. It's over. Go home. See you next year.