Boohoo accused of secretly increasing prices of sale items for Black Friday

23 November 2018, 18:38 | Updated: 23 November 2018, 18:42

By Sam Prance

Did the retail outlet just scam all of its customers?

It's no secret that Black Friday is one of the biggest days in the calendar year for clothing stores. It's one of the largest sales around the world and retail outlets go all out for them. Saving up for a brand new pair of shoes? Snag them cheap on Black Friday. Need a dress for a specific event? Black Friday is your girl. Want to stock up on the basics. You're probably best to get them on Black Friday.

And this year has been no different. All of your favourite clothing stores have been dropping their prices to offer some of the most competitive Black Friday prices ahead of the Christmas season. However, it looks like not every single store has been playing fairly this Black Friday. People have noticed that British retailer Boohoo actually appears to have just scammed its customers.

Is Boohoo tricking its customers?

Boohoo accused of "illegal" Black Friday sale
Boohoo accused of "illegal" Black Friday sale. Picture: Boohoo // Channel 9 Australia

Since the Black Friday sales began, people have noticed something fishy about the Boohoo sale. The site claims to offer up to 60% off everything which is pretty exciting but multiple customers have noticed that the outlet might be lying about their sale this year. It appears that Boohoo has upped the prices of certain clothes and then made it look as though they've put discounts on them.

For example there was a unitard priced at £10 earlier this week but in the Black Friday sale they've made it seem like it was £18 and you can now buy it for £12. So, instead of it being cheaper, it actually costs £2 more. And it is not just the unitard. The exact same thing has also been spotted with culottes and a men's jumper and people have taken screenshots of the items to prove it.

Check out the shocking revelations below.

Of course, these instances could be a site error but they seem far too commonplace to be mere coincidences. It looks like the site is capitalising on the appeal of Black Friday to trick its customers into paying more for its clothes. It goes without saying that this is wrong and Boohoo site users deserve an explanation.

As it stands Boohoo is yet to comment on the matter but we shall update you if they do.