Emoji Temporary Tattoos Are Here To Temporarily Disappoint Your Mother

emoji tattoos
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor


Flash Tattoos have been making the finest, shiniest temporary skin-art to impress your friends with for a few years now. But this week, they have truly outdone themselves.

Oh yes, you can now get emoji tattoos!

Welcome to 2016!

There are 66 different emoji tatts available to plaster all over yourself, all presented in that shiny metallic sheen that's perfect for catching the sun.

Is this the next level of messaging? If you see your crush around, do you quickly paste on the kissing face? If you're having some sensitive health problems, do you put on the poop emoji? The possibilities are endless. You may never have to actually express a real-life emotion ever again.

You can grab a pack for just $8.50 over at the flash tattoos website now. Get them and get sticking!


Hello New York! Come visit us at #NYNOW booth 7172 and get a peek at our brand new collections. Here's a hint: .

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