Someone Has Just Invented An Eyebrow Stamp And It’s Actually Genius

7 July 2017, 14:50 | Updated: 7 July 2017, 15:54

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

The perfect brow in one second? SIGN ME UP.

Speaking from experience, filling and shaping your eyebrows so they are ready for the day ahead is honestly the most stressful part of anyone's beauty routine. (Yes, even more stressful than doing winged eyeliner, don't @ me.) But it looks like someone has just created a product that could knock at least 10 minutes off your daily routine. 

Behold, the Eyebrow Stamp, available on Amazon for about $12.99.


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The stamps, which are meant to create the perfect eyebrow in one second, come in three different shades. The kit comes with two stamps (one for each eyebrow) and a powder in a small compact and is apparently meant to be 100% waterproof which as we all know is secret code for 'nightmare-to-get-off'.

It's ~meant~ to be a quick and easy solution to getting your brows as fleeky as they can possibly be but is it genius, or is it just a complete and utter fail waiting to happen? The internet has been pretty divided over the product. 


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What do you think? Will you be ditching the brushes in favour of an eyebrow stamp? Or staying far far away from them?


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