This GENIUS Eyeliner Hack Is About To Change The Way You Do Your Makeup Forever

18 July 2016, 14:21 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

How have we only just discovered these?!

It is a universally acknowledged truth that a girl in want of the perfect cat eye has to go to many an extreme length to find a time-saving hack. She may have stumbled across those awkward pieces of plastic that are often more of a hinderance than a help. Or she may have tried the spoon hack. 

But today, that all changes because Beth Bender Beauty have just released a product that is about to change your damn life. 

Behold - the hands free, stick-on eyeliner stencil. 


How these were never a thing before we'll never know - unless they were and we didn't know about them. Either way, they're here now and that's all that matters. 

Not only are they medical-grade adhesive (which means they're non-irritable and totally safe to use near your eye), they're super easy and convenient to use AND they fit every eye shape. What a time to be alive. 

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You can use them to create that razor sharp cat eye in seconds:


Or you can do a REALLY quick spot of blending to brighten up your lewk.


The stencils priced at $9.99 for 14 sets (28 total, one for each eye, obvz), and $19.99 for 36 sheets (72 total). They come with instructions too, which is nice of them! Delivery is available worldwide but we're sure it won't be long until a UK brand picks up on this genius beauty hack!


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