Hayley Williams dyed her hair orange again and fans are in their feelings

14 March 2019, 15:53 | Updated: 14 March 2019, 16:10

Hayley Williams hair orange 2019
Hayley Williams hair orange 2019. Picture: Fuelled By Ramen/Paramore Screenshot/Photo by Bill McCay/Getty Images
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Hayley Williams shared a photo of her hair dyed red/orange again and fans are being transported to their emo days.

Hayley Williams, and Paramore as a whole, gave us the soundtrack to our adolescence and the iconic front woman has also given us some memorable hair moments throughout the years. Hayley Williams has rocked blonde hair for a few years, but it's her reddish/orange hair that fans still associate with the band's earlier days.

So imagine the internet's surprise when Hayley posted a very familiar looking hair change on Instagram Stories. Yes, Hayley Williams' orange hair is back and fans are having a Moment™.

It all started when Hayley paid a visit to Sephora to check out her Good Dye young hair range in store.

Hayley launched Good Dye young back in 2016 and now the range is officially available in 30 Sephora stores across the US. The Good Dye Young Instagram account shared Hayley's jubilant reaction at seeing the brand all stocked up at Sephora.

Later on, Hayley posted on IG stories that she'd gotten "a lil carried away at Sephora" and fans realised that the singer was officially rocking her signature reddish/orange hair again.

Hayley Williams IG stories screenshot
Hayley Williams IG stories screenshot. Picture: Hayley Williams/Instagram Screenshot

Paramore stans were L-I-V-I-N-G for the spontaneous hair change.

And they'd seemingly been transported back to their emo days.

Good Dye Young even joked that the photo had crashed Instagram.

Hayley's versatile hair moments are always a source of inspiration. She's had red hair, orange hair, blue hair, half and half hair, blonde hair and even green hair. We love our hair dye queen, TBH.