Ladies, There's Now A ‘Vagina Highlighter’ And Things Have Officially Gone Too Far

26 July 2017, 13:16

Vagina Highlighter
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to the highlighting life?!

Just when you think you've mastered the art of contouring and highlighting, think again ladies because this Scandinavian beauty brand has just created a product that will make you question your level of commitment to the sport and finesse of highlighting... and it's all thanks to your vagina.

Danish brand The Perfect V has created an actual highlighter for your vaj. Yes, really. Anastasia Beverly Hills is shook. 

The 'Perfect Shades of V - Very V Luminizer' is described as a "special highlighting cream with skincare benefits" that has a "luminous iridescent color to add some extra prettiness to the V." Oooooook then. 

via Shades Of V

But wait - there's more... The company has a whole bunch of products (some useful, to be fair) for your vajayjay including a beauty mist and a firming serum. A F*CKING FIRMING SERUM?! Honestly, what next?!


As if the pressure to have a wrinkle-free face beat for the gawds at all times and cheek bones highlighted so fiercely they could blind several men wasn't enough, now companies are piling on the pressure for vagina owners across the world to start the same process downstairs? Puh-lease. 

As you could have already guessed, the product isn't getting a great reception and Twitter absolutely cannot handle it:


Unfortunately for the most committed highlighters amongst us, the product is currently only available in Scandinavia right now so if you're in the US, UK or elsewhere, we're sorry but your vagina will have to wait until July 27th for that poppin' glo-up.


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