Apparently There's A Right Way To Put Your Bra On And We Bet You've Been Doing It Wrong

17 August 2017, 14:50 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 15:25

How To Put On A Bra... The Right Way
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


Everybody who has boobs knows that bras are both a blessing and a royal pain in the ass. Taking one off is like heaven, but trying to put one on is honestly more trouble that it's worth at times. And now we've just discovered a piece of information that is surely going to make matters even more difficult than they already are.

According to lingerie expert Aliza Reger, there's actually only ONE way you're supposed to put on a bra and all the other ways you've been doing it before have been wrong.


If you're a normal person who throws their bra around their waist, clips it from the front, twists it around, pulls it up and then puts their arms through the straps - you are wrong.

If you're a normal person with a more sophisticated set of skills who puts their arms through the straps, clips it behind their back straight away and then pulls it down - you're also wrong. 


Apparently, the correct way you should be putting your bra on goes as follows: You're meant to put your arms through the straps first, place the straps on your shoulders, then bend forward and "jiggle" (yes, that's the correct terminology) your boobs into the cups, making sure they sit completely in the cup and THEN - and only then, or you'll be arrested - are you meant to clip the bra from behind.

Obviously, if you're a flat-chested human being, this going to mean absolutely nothing to you nor will it make much of a difference in your life but if you're between a B-DD cup, this "correct" method is meant to let your boobs live their best life as opposed to the repressive life you've been making them live before.

Reger also suggests that you only wear your bra for ONE DAY before throwing it the wash (fat f*cking chance) and, most outrageously of all, you should never wear mismatched underwear.

You may as well cancel us now then.