The 'strandid' Instagram pose is sweeping Instagram and everyone's divided

6 February 2019, 17:55 | Updated: 6 February 2019, 17:57

Jenny Im/Jordyn Woods
The 'strandid' is the new Instagram pose breaking the internet. Picture: Instagram/@imjennim/@jordynwoods
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

There are some skills you must possess in the age of Instagram and posing is just one of them.

Sure, you can slap on the best Instagram filter but to really perfect your Insta-game there's a few positions you'll need to try. We told you all about the "shmile" and now it's time to learn something new โ€“ the "strandid".

Well, we say new, but you've probably been doing it for ages already. Just clutch a few strands of hair and pull them away from your head, all while looking cute and candid. Strand of hair plus candid equals strandid. Simple!

It appears we've grown tired of overly posed photos and now we're after the more natural look. Playing with your hair, while looking flawless, is just as au naturel as it gets.


The phrase appears to have been coined by and now you'll probably notice all the celebs, influencers and serial Instagrammers are doing it.

But why are people doing this? Erm, we don't really know. However, the versatility of the trend means it can be done by anyone and anywhere, which is why it's probably blowing up right now.

Don't believe us? Well just take a peek at all the serial "strandid" posers on the 'gram.

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The "strandid" can be the solution if you're super awks in front of the camera and struggle to find where you can place your hands. But, is it cool? Sexy? Will boost your bank account and give you clear skin? Probably not.