Everyone is doing the "jazz legs" pose on Instagram and it's actually very awkward

30 June 2020, 15:40

The 'jazz legs' pose allows you to look taller.
The 'jazz legs' pose allows you to look taller. Picture: SmythSisters via Instagram/NBC

By Sophie Thompson

'Jazz legs' are the Instagram pose we're all going to be doing this year, and so many of our favourite celebrities are already secretly jumping on the trend.

If you're an avid Instagrammer, you'll know the importance of perfecting your pose to get the ultimate grid shot.

And while you may well have exhausted the 'Bambi' and seen the 'Strandid' a little too many times, we've found the next pose that everyone is going to be doing this year.

Introducing: Jazz legs.

Already being secretly donned among celebrities including the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hailey Bieber, this one is particularly perfect for those of us that like to show off our outfits. Because if you can't take 500 mirror selfies during lockdown, when can you?

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Have we tempted you?

Well it's time to do some stretches. The jazz legs pose, originally coined by Who What Wear, describes leaning on your back leg and bending at a slight angle, while your front leg remains forward, straight, and with toes pointed. Incredibly awkward in real life, incredibly effective in photos.

Not only does it make your legs appear longer, it also allows you to show off every detail of that outfit you spent a whole five minutes putting together. Who says hard work doesn't pay off? Just make sure to wear some nice shoes, because they'll be the main focus with your foot firmly at the front.

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If looking taller is your main goal for 2020 (because lets face it, there's not much else happening), it'll also elongate you in general, and cause your camera to be at an angle that makes you appear to have gained a few inches in height.

You'll never be able to unsee this again.

Here are some examples...

While we're not sure we can pull it off like A-Listers, it's time to put the practise in, because you're going to need more than two hands to count all those likes.

Are you a fan?

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