This Woman Got A Life Threatening Infection From Not Washing A Make Up Brush

24 August 2017, 20:26 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 15:02

Katie Wright Staph infection asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Read this and then go wash ALL your makeup brushes.

It's truth time, guys. When is the last time you washed your makeup brushes? We all know it's the responsible thing to do, but forgetting is more common than you think. 

One young woman is warning others about how dangerous not washing your brushes can be after she ended up in the emergency room with a life threatening bacterial infection.

Katie shared her story on Facebook and, after reading about her experience, we're just glad she is okay.

Katie warning note

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When Katie noticed a pimple under the surface of her skin, she probably didn't think it was any cause for concern. Katie picked at the irritated skin and, within an hour, she noticed that her face was swollen and painful. 

Katie Walsh Staph infection
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When she arrived at the hospital, Katie was told she had Cellulitis, a type of Staph infection. Cellulitis is caused when bacteria has a chance to enter the body through a cut in the skin. Doctors told Katie that, because the infection was on her face, there was an increased risk of it spreading to her brain or eyes.

Katie believes she got the infection from an unwashed eyebrow pencil brush. She mentioned that she is meticulous about washing her other tools but never thought to wash her eyebrow pencil brush. 

Eyebrow pencil brush

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Katie is doing better now but her warning should still be taken seriously. After her ordeal, she faced hefty medical bills to treat her Cellulitis and further complications from an allergic reaction to one of her medications. 

Katie writes on her GoFundMe page that she was "relieved to have her vision spared" and knows it could have been much worse. Katie is asking for donations toward her medical bills as she recovers from the aftermath of her hospital scare. 

I'm about to wash every makeup brush, tool, and instrument I own. Guys, listen to Katie. WASH YOUR BRUSHES.