Lil Xan Just Got TWO New Face Tattoos And Everyone Is Losing It

10 September 2018, 12:04 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 14:59

Lil Xan Face Tattoo
Picture: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images/Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

"Does Lil Xan know he can get tattoos places that aren't his face?"

From Post Malone's recent - and now iconic - 'always tired' eye bag tattoos to Halsey's subtle little Queen of Diamonds on the side of her face, face tattoos are fast becoming one of the biggest trends of 2018. And now, rapper Lil Xan has just added to his collection by getting two new tats inked on his face.

As we all know, Xan already has quite a collection of bold tattoos, many of them on his face and neck, all with various meanings and personal stories behind them - and his two new tattoos are no exception.

Sharing some snaps of the new ink to his Instagram story, Xan revealed one above his right eyebrow saying "memento mori" and one directly under his left eye of some tears.

Lil Xan face tattoo
Picture: Lil Xan via Instagram

In case you're wondering, "Memento Mori" means "remember death." Xan also wrote on Instagram that the tattoo was in honour of Mac Miller, who tragically passed away on Friday (September 7) from an apparent overdose.


Xan is, obviously, no stranger to a face tat; he's got dots down the centre of his nose, "Zzz" and 'LOVER" written under his right eye, a cross and the word 'you' near his right eye... and on the left side of his face he's got the word "Xanarchy" on his forehead, his birthdate on the side of his face and "Candy" and "Soldier" on his left cheek alongside a broken heart.

But it really does seem like the two new additions have proved too much for internet, who have a LOT to say about the new ink.


Anticipating the negative reactions to his new ink, Xan shared a picture to Instagram alongside the caption: "I do this for me, I could care less if this makes me ugly because that’s what I was going for, Ugly is the new Beautiful, well not really but there’s some truth to that, I love you guys."

You know what, you do you, Xan... Hope your manager isn't too mad.