Lush Just Released A “Black” Bath Bomb That Literally Matches Your Aesthetic

Lush Black Bath Bomb
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Me as a bath bomb.

Lush is known for its brightly coloured, sweet smelling bath products but it hasn't yet released a truly great dark and moody bath bomb... until NOW. 

Behold, Metamorphosis - Lush's first "black" bath bomb. It's not as dark and sinister as the black bath bomb that went viral last year but it's the closest we've ever got to seeing our soul in a bath product before.

Before dropping it into the bath, Metamorphosis looks like a big harsh grey industrial ball of metal or, actually, if you think about it - it looks like the Death Star from Star Wars. We kinda like it. Matches our aesthetic tbh.


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When you drop it into your bath, however, it starts fizzing into glorious dark grey bubbles. 


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But there's a plot twist lurking inside. The Metamorphosis bath bomb is described by Lush as a "symphony of darkness and light". After a while, the moody grey dissolves into an explosion of bright yellows, greens and pinks.  


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We know you're still obsessed with that black AF bath bomb from back in the day but my god, have you ever related so much to a freakin' bath product in your life? Moody and harsh on the outside, pink and fluffy on the inside. Aesthetic AF. We'll take 7.

Metamorphosis bath bomb is available at Lush for £4.25.