There’s A Lush Bath Bomb That Eases Anxiety And You Need It Right Now

15 August 2017, 13:27 | Updated: 15 August 2017, 17:14

Lush Rocket Science Bathbomb
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

This is EXACTLY what we needed.

There are certain things we all do to help us recover from a stressful day. Personally speaking, there's nothing we like better than lighting some scented candles and soaking ourselves in a warm bath to the sensual, harmonious tones of Slayer's Reign In Blood. But that's just us. Perhaps you prefer Metallica's To Whom The Bells Tolls? Each to their own, really.

But add a bath bomb to the equation and you're looking at one very chilled evening. And now bath bomb kingpins Lush have come up with a bath bomb specially designed to help you ease your anxiety and stress. 

And that's not all. Get this - it's only a bloody rocket ship!


To infinity and beyond! Or, y'know, the bathroom. Either will do.


you know , it's not rocketscience #lush #rocketsciencebathbomb #bathbomb #london

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Here it is in action.


okay, it is rocketscience... kind of #lush #rocketscience #bathbomb #london #kensington #rocketsciencebathbomb #lushuk

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They've called it the Rocket Science bomb and it's packed with scents of lemon and bergamot oils. According to Lush, not only does it smell like it's from a heavenly distant planet but it's also good for your brain thanks to the the citrus oils having an "uplifting effect on the mind" which are "an excellent remedy to curb anxiety and stress." Sounds legit to us.

You can order the bath bomb on the Lush website from today and it will be rolled out into shop soon after. [H/T Cosmopolitan]