Marina calls out lingerie companies over lack of bras for big boobs

26 October 2022, 12:42

Marina does hilarious emo TikTok challenge

By Sam Prance

Marina says there needs to be more size options for people with larger boob sizes.

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Marina is calling out lingerie companies for failing to create nice products and enough sizes for people who have big boobs.

Marina is no stranger to speaking her mind on social media and, on Monday (Oct 24), the pop star went viral on Twitter after tweeting: "Oh to have small boobs for a day. The backless dresses I’d wear! The braless errands I’d run in a tank top!" The tweet quickly racked up over 100,000 likes and 17,000 retweets with many people relating to what Marina had tweeted.

Marina then took to Twitter to ask if any companies would be interested in collaborating with her on bras for big boobs.

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Marina calls out lingerie companies over lack of bras for big boobs
Marina calls out lingerie companies over lack of bras for big boobs. Picture: @marinadiamindis via Instagram

Marina wrote: "Is there a bra company out there that would like to partner with me to make D+ Cup Bras That Are Actually Nice? Cute colours. Cute shapes. Cute fabrics. They’re hard to find. Only 2 or 3 companies out there do this well."

Someone then replied, "me af (also can we talk about how bigboobphobic is the fashion industry)", and Marina retweeted them and added: "SOMEONE FUCKING SAID IT. Yes."

Reacting to a fan saying, "all the fashion trends at the moment only work for small boobs its so sad :((", Marina tweeted: "just a big boob girl living in a small boob world".

Marina then joked: "Do I need to create a company that JUST makes tops for women with big boobs so we can finally wear cute tops? Do I call it “TOP HEAVY” ??? *Retires*". Playing along, she continued: "Guys, what if music was just a side line all along and this is my true destiny?"

When a fan asked Marina if she could make bras that are affordable, Marina tweeted: "Yep. The bigger the size, the higher the price. If you’re outside of a D cup, you’ll likely pay double what a normal bra costs." She added: "There isn’t enough investment from companies (yet)".

Marina then made two more points. First of all, she tweeted: "Women with big boobs do not want to buy a bra with extra padding. That’s insane. Why would you suggest such a thing to us."

She then ended by asking lingerie companies to stop including bows in their designs: "We do not want the bow in the middle anymore. Please relieve us of the tyrannical bow."

It's unclear if any lingerie companies have contacted Marina about making a bra range for people with bigger boobs but it's clear that the demand is there! We shall keep you posted with any updates.

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