Mean Girls Make Up Brushes Exist And They’re SO Fetch

20 July 2017, 12:29

Mean Girls Make up brush collection spectrum colle

By Emily-Jayne Beard

There's a 30% chance that you’re going to need these in your life.

Mean Girls is iconic, let’s be real. If you can’t even quote every line like your McDonalds order did you even exist in 2004?

Now, Spectrum Collections have made our Regina George shaped dreams come true and created an ACTUAL 'Mean Girls' make up brush collection in collaboration with Paramount.

paramount pictures

They’re pink (obviously) with an ombre fade worthy of Wednesdays (and every other day of the week). They're also vegan/cruelty-free.


Paramount Pictures/Spectrum Collections

Oh yeah, and no big deal, but the fluffy pink brushes come in an IRL Burn Book.

Paramount Pictures/Spectrum Collections


The collection is dropping 30th of August. One thing is for sure, we know one beauty look we won’t be recreating…

Paramount Pictures