Millie Bobby Brown Was Named “Worst Dressed” For The Most F*cked Up Reason

10 May 2017, 12:42

Millie Bobby Brown MTV
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"She is 13... what "shape" is she supposed to show?"

Millie Bobby Brown was undoubtably the star of the MTV Movie and TV Awards this past weekend. Not only did she slay the red carpet and smize every camera into oblivion, she got to meet her hero Emma Watson AND she picked up the award Best Actor in a TV Show. In short, she had the time of her life. 

But some commentary about what she was wearing on the night have managed to annoy a fair few of her fans. 

Insider whipped up their Best and Worst Dressed list of the night and lurking on the worst dressed side was Millie. Millie wore a white long sleeve shift dress and a pair of white Cowboy Boots. She was serving. She never stops serving. But alongside a picture of her on the carpet, they captioned the look with this: 

"WORST: "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobby Brown looks comfy but lost in a shapeless white dress with with cowboy boots."

Millie Bobby Brown MTV Movie And TV AwardsGetty Images

SHAPELESS?! SHE'S THIRTEEN?! What would you prefer her to do? Wear a skin tight dress that accentuates her thirteen year old "curves"? WTF? Needless to say, Twitter picked up on the misjudged choice of words and now they're absolutely fuming.


As a few Twitter users pointed out, had Millie gone the other way and worn something similar to say, Hailee Steinfeld (who looked bomb f*cking dot com, by the way) she would have been scrutinised in the media for her look. Not only that, but imagine what seeing yourself on a worst dressed list would do for the self esteem of a thirteen year old girl? 

Now don't get us wrong, we LOVE a Best/Worst dressed list - particularly ones that are fresh out the Met Gala where a bad or mis-themed outfit will get you meme'd for weeks. But we think we can all agree that judging the "shapeliness" of ~children~ on the red carpet is crossing the line.


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