Pizza Bath Bombs Now Exist And They Will Mess With Your Actual Head

20 June 2017, 17:01

Pizza Bath Bomb
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

You can have it pizza-scented if you like...

Black bath bombs? Yes. Mean Girls bath bombs? 100%. Bath bombs inspired by your favourite bands? Sign me up. Pizza bath bomb? Excuse me, what now?

Just when you thought bath bombs couldn't get anymore wild, someone has gone and created an actual pizza bath bomb - and it actually looks like a legit slice of pizza. 


Bathesda Boutique, an Etsy boutique that sells some pretty incredible bath bombs, has created a pizza bath bomb and according to the creator you can actually order it to be pizza scented too. WHAT?!


Don't worry, you CAN opt out of having your pizza bath bomb smelling like a slice of Classic Pepperoni and when you drop it into the bath, it fizzes out into a bright rainbow of colours. 


The pizza bath bomb is currently sold out on Etsy but more slices are expected to be added soon. The shop also stocks 'black out' bath bombs and ones that looks like a minions so to be honest, this is a complete win-win situation here. 

Yay bath bombs!