Post Malone Got A HUGE New Face Tattoo And Everyone Is Losing It

8 June 2018, 13:09 | Updated: 13 December 2018, 15:44

Post Malone Face Tattoo
Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/@adamdegross via Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

Post Malone's new face tattoo is a BIG mood.

Everyone knows that Post Malone loves a good face tattoo. The rapper and human sketch pad has a TON of tattoos on his body, including a fair few on his visage: he's got 'stay away' inked above his right eyebrow, a sword on the right side of his face and a string of barbed wire on his forehead.

But it's his most recent facial tattoo that has REALLY got everyone losing their minds. Ladies and gentlemen, it is our duty to inform you that 22-year-old rapper Post Malone has just got two HUGE new tattoos... right under his eyes... that say 'always' and 'tired'. We are not joking.

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Yep. He did that. And now everyone is absolutely LOSING it on Twitter.

In case you didn't know the history of Post Malone's tattoos, here's the tea: Most of Post's tattoos are spur of the moment things that he saw on the internet (yes, really). His first tattoo was the Playboy Bunny on his left forearm, he's got 'Rest Easy' written on his fingers, a bear on his right hand, four of his musical heroes including Kurt Cobain and Elvis across his knuckles...

Basically, there's not really much method to his ink madness but each one seems to actually mean something to him - and that's all that matters, right?

Hope he enjoys being a meme for the rest of his life now x