This Girl Asked For "Round Nails" At A Nail Salon And The Results Were Shocking

4 July 2017, 11:37 | Updated: 4 July 2017, 13:52

Nail salon stock photo
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

They straight up look like round dinner plates.

Going to the nail salon can be one of two things.

It can either be a relaxing treat or the most nerve wracking part of your beauty regimen. For starters, the two most important questions for any nail bar trip are 'what shape do you want?' and 'what colour do you want?'. Miss the mark on one of those and you're stuck with ugly nails for at least 2 weeks. 

via Parks & Rec/NBC

So, imagine one woman's surprise when, after asking a nail artist for "round nails", she got nails the size of dinner plates. 

A nail technician named Angela Blemmings HAD to take a photo of a customer's nails after she tried out a different salon and got shocking results. 

Angela says that her customer paid £35 for the full set of acrylics at another location (that's really not cheap). "This is what happened to my client when she went into a different local nail bar without doing her research," wrote Blemmings in a Facebook post that has been shared 13k times. 

Fortunately, Blemmings was able to fix the nails for her customer and, hopefully, gave her a stern talking to about venturing into uncharted beauty waters. 

For the record, THIS is what round nails are supposed to look like. 

To be fair, we've all had beauty emergencies that are much funnier once we're in the clear. Thank goodness she has a pal like Angela who is on hand (literally) to help!