This £90 Jumper Has A Waiting List Of 30,000 People

30 November 2017, 09:26 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 15:22

Barry Jumper
Barry Jumper. Picture: Sézane

By James Wilson-Taylor

People are going HAM over The Barry Jumper and, honestly, it is getting kind of out of hand.

With Christmas fast approaching, shopping sprees are in full swing as you might expect. But one jumper has got people so hyped, there is waiting list of 30,000 people.

Metro reports that French label Sézane have seen a sudden mad rush for their Barry Jumper, priced at £90, which is part of the label’s La Liste collection.

Sézane Jumper
Picture: Sezane

The off-the-shoulder item launched in September and just keeps on selling out!

Maybe it has something to do with all the influencers who keep promoting it but, either way, it is kinda wild that people are trying to grab a cardigan that has a waiting list that could fill The O2 arena!

Originally available in black, grey, ecru and nude, the label are adding extra shades as the item's demand keeps on growing.

Anyway, if you get what all the fuss is about, keep an eye on Sezane for when they are restocked. And then be SUPER quick before it immediately goes again.