Everyone Is SCREAMING Over These "Sexy Shrek" Eyebrows

11 April 2018, 15:23 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 14:57

Shrek Eyebrows
Picture: @audreyadamsss/Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

I thought Sexy Shrek eyebrows were only true in fairytales.

At times it feels like people are just testing us to see if they can go viral with whatever wild and completely ludicrous eyebrow trend they can dream up, but to counterbalance all those tragic looks, there are moments like THIS that'll happen every now and then that remind us just how genius the human race really is.

You can keep your feather brows. Save your halo brows for another day. Squiggle brows? I don't know her! Right now, we need you to clap your eyes on these majestic AF and mesmerising Shrek eyebrows. Yes, we said Shrek.

At first glance, the eyebrows (created by Audrey Addams) look like they're just your average braided brow, painted the same shade of green as Shrek's iconic skin tone but on closer inspection... THEY'RE TINY LITTLE SEXY SHREKS.

Speaking to Teen Vogue, Addams said: "Shrek has been a running joke in my group of friends for a few years now, and I do really love both the movies and the memes. It's gotten to the point where even my birthday party was Shrek themed and we all went to see Shrek the Musical together."

And we guess, the rest of was history.

This is art! Of the highest order!