Tarte Cosmetics' Latest Foundation Range Is Actually Laughable

15 January 2018, 13:18 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 14:56

Tarte cosmetics
Picture: Popsugar/Ulta Beauty/Twitter
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Tarte really confidently launched 15 shades of FOUNDATION in 2018."

Tarte Cosmetics' Shape Tape foundation is causing a stir online after beauty fans began expressing disappointment over its lack of shade diversity.

The foundation is a folllow-up to the hugely popular Shape Tape Concealer range which consistently receives positive customer reviews for its full-coverage matte finish.

Despite being well reviewed by Popsugar, not everyone was impressed with what they saw of the new foundations.

Beauty fans are reacting to an image of the Shape Tape foundation swatched on a forearm which shows a less than varied selection of colours.

Someone pointed out that even the person who swatched the foundation looks like they'd have some trouble finding a suitable match for themselves.

Some also noted that Tarte is not known for its wide range of options for people of colour.

The internet is divided, however, with some coming to the defense of Tarte cosmetics. "So now influencers are 'outraged' by the Tarte Foundation shade range? This has ALWAYS BEEN Tarte’s shade selection," wrote one Twitter user.

Limited foundation ranges need to be cancelled in 2018. Inclusivity isn't just a "gimmick" to garner good press coverage during release week. It is something every cosmetics brand needs to be fully invested in. Women (and men!) come in different colours, hues, undertones, and shades.