Topshop Now Sells Jeans In Half Sizes And It’s About To Change Your Life

6 February 2018, 12:28 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 15:23

Topshop Jeans Half Sizes
Picture: Topshop

By Katie Louise Smith

This news is about to change your life.

It is a known fact that shopping for jeans is one of the biggest nightmares anyone on this earth can ever suffer through. We've all been there; one size is too small, but the next one up is way too big. The pair that fit around the waist are too long in the leg, the ones that are perfect on the leg don't fit around the waist. It's honestly not even worth the hassle sometimes.

If only there was an affordable place that catered for those who are forever stuck in between sizes... Well, um, what if we told you there now was. Because there is. And that place is called Topshop.


Say goodbye to those agonising trips to the changing room because Topshop will be introducing half-sizes to their most popular styles of both blue and black (!!!) jeans. The life changing move comes as part of Topshop’s new Denim Campaign, which also just happened to launch three new styles of jeans.

According to Topshop's website, the half-sizes are available in the styles Jamie, Joni, Mom, Straight, Jamie Flare, and crop. And there is an extra four half-sizes on offer:

- W25

- W27

- W29

- W31

Good news: The jeans are already available to buy on Topshop's website and in store now. Slightly less good news: there's no word yet on whether or not they will add any more half-sizes for the full range of sizes they offer in their denim collection. Here's hoping they do - everyone deserves a half size.