The World's Most Expensive Shoes Have Gone On Sale And They're Not Even Nice

28 September 2018, 14:21

World's Most Expensive Shoes
Picture: Jada Dubai/Channel 9

By Katie Louise Smith

Only ONE pair of these shoes will ever be made.

How much would you say is too much to spend on a pair of shoes? £75 for a pair of limited edition Vans? £500 for some box fresh Gucci trainers?! Turns out, the cash you splashed out for for either of those wouldn't even make a dent in the price of the world's most expensive pair of shoes, which made their debut yesterday.

The golden stilettos, named 'The Passion Diamond Shoes', were unveiled at Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel yesterday and are made from real gold and encrusted with hundreds of diamonds.

The price? They'll set you back a whopping $17 million (£13 million). YES, SEVENTEEN MILLION DOLLARS.

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Diamonds, gold. The Passion Diamond Shoes.

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The shoes are a collaboration between UAE designer Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers. But here's the gag: only ONE pair will ever be made.

The shoes, which are actually just a prototype, were shown to a group of 50 prospective buyers at the event. And once purchased, the heels will be made specifically to fit the owners feet. Cinderella is shaking.

Needless to say, at that price, Twitter was NOT impressed...