Zac Efron Has Dreadlocks Now And The Internet Is NOT Impressed

6 July 2018, 14:24 | Updated: 6 October 2020, 13:06

By Sam Prance

This is not cool...

There's no question that Zac Efron has a fond place in the hearts of many. Ever since he stormed into superstardom as Troy Bolton in High School Musical, he's been a household name. Not only that but, since then, he's also managed to maintain a career for himself by starring in everything from Hairspray and 17 Again to Neighbours and The Greatest Showman. There's no denying that Zac is one of the most in demand stars today.

Zac Efron
Zac Efron. Picture: BBC // Disney

However, with celebrity comes great responsibility and the Dirty Grandpa actor has just angered many of his loyal fans with his latest Instagram post. In it the star sports dreadlocks and he shared the image with the caption: "Just for fun 🤘"

Here is the photo of Zac sporting dreads.

Just for fun 🤘

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It is 2018 and there is now plenty of discourse both online and offline that points out why white people sporting traditionally black hairstyles like dreadlocks and cornrows is problematic. Even though these hairstyles originated in black communities, black people are often demonised for wearing them, while white people are praised. It it is cultural appropriation and the double standards are major.

Not only that, but Zac captioning his photo "just for fun" is literal proof that it's cultural appropriation. He has the privilege to be able to try them on as a costume, whereas, for many black people, dreadlocks are parts of their lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, the internet is not impressed. Here are some of the best responses to the photo.

Some people are angered by the offensiveness of it all.

It really doesn't take much to realise why this is wrong.

Others are confused as to why Zac even bothered.

It's like he's trying to upset people.

A couple of people are worried for his health.

The actor isn't usually this tone-deaf.

A few people are no longer attracted to him because of the post.

Cultural appropriation is not cute.

Then there are those who have given up on Zac but not Troy.

Troy would never do something like this.

And last but not least people are using Troy to illustrate how messy it is.


In all seriousness though, it's no wonder why this photo is offending people. We hope that Zac listens to the criticism and responds to it. It is 2018 and there is no excuse for this.