The 5 Most SUPER ORIGINAL Reactions To #SocialMeltdown2015

27 January 2015, 12:39 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Facebook and Instagram went down last night, and now everybody's a hilarious Twitter comedian.

Last night, the internet was rocked worldwide as Facebook, Instagram and even Tinder went down for over an hour, following a server issue caused by North America's epic snowstorm. With both of the main social sites down, internet refugees took to Twitter to vent.

Some handled it pretty well.

Some less so.

 But plenty decided to use it to flex their comedy muscle, being as sarcastic as they probably could about food pictures, selfies, and of course, this accursed social media-obsessed generation. Because, y'know, there's no irony in using Twitter to make fun of people who use social media, is there.

Here's five topics that constantly kept coming up during our perusal of the tags, each accompanied by a necessary eyeroll gif.

1. "People might actually talk to each other!"

It's 2015 and people still think that connecting with people we like on social media instead of the boring stranger next to us makes us anti-social. Those people were of course relishing in last night's shenanigans.

 2. "How will I Instagram my food?!"

Food often makes a pretty picture. Some people like to take pretty pictures. Other people despise them for this.

3. "Say goodbye to selfies!"

Apparently a picture of a human being is only acceptable if it wasn't taken by their own hand. Seriously. We're still doing this. In 2015.

 4. "Read a book."

A lot of internet users REALLY like to let you know they read books. What better time to remind you than a time where you might run into their inane Tweets about it?

5. "I hate this generation." 

Ahhh, a classic. The buzzphrase you reserve for special occasions, like a particularly offensive selfie. Of course last night's panic was the perfect time to use it, letting all the plebs know just how above it all you are.

Don't quit your day jobs, folks. 

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