Tame Impala Releasing New Album This Year, It's "Gonna Be Like A Margarita"

6 January 2015, 13:15 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Tame Impala 2014

By Jacqueline Bowerman


Good news Tame Impala fans, because, guess what, TAME IMPALA are releasing a new album this year. Thats right, that's the Australian psychedelic rock band, TAME IMPALA, and they're releasing a NEW ALBUM THIS YEAR. YES! YOU GOT IT.

(via tumblr)

As it's still early days, the news on LP3 is decidedly sparse at present, the most info so far being a non-descript press release by their label Spinning Top Music, who announced their album amongst a list of other 2015 releases, namely Tame Impala offshoot POND, The Growl, The Fascinator and Gunns.

(via tumblr)

Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, however, has been busy this year, teaming up with Mark Ronson(?) over the holiday period, and making obligatory pizza analogies to describe the forthcoming new album:  "I'm gonna try to make it a bit more minimal this time; only use what's needed...instead of a supreme pizza, where you just throw everything on, it's kind of just gonna be like a margherita." 

Watch them play live at KRCW now.

In any case, a new album can only mean one thing... We'll look forward to seeing them play alongside the Dalai Lama at Glastonbury this June, both of which will be presumedly ditching the usual flip-flops for a pair of green wellies.


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