3 Reasons We Want The "1989 Tour" To Calm Down And Be On DVD Already

26 August 2015, 13:12 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Taylor Swift '1989' Tour
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

As Tay adds more celebs to her squad and brings the "1989" magic to stages across the world, we have to ask: are we over it?

It's official: We're getting 1989 Tour fatigue.

Taylor Swift's epic world tour seems like it has been raging on for years. Swifties have no memory of life before the 1989 era. Children are being born in the lines outside venues. Taylor's cats have given up waiting for her to return and have moved in with Calvin Harris. And with four months left as the tour moves East towards Asia and Australia, the rest of the world's patience is running thin.

Because there's no denying this is one of the greatest periods of Taylor's career (and probably life); and we've loved watching her meteoric rise into the world's biggest popstar over the past year. But from a combination of major FOMO, over-saturated news stories and hearing about yet another weirdly excellent collaboration between Taylor and special guests Beck and St. Vincent, we've put together a short list of reasons why we're ready to stop just hearing about the tour, and start watching the highlights - on, say, a 1989 Tour DVD release?


1. We're not actually seeing anything

Unless you're one of the lucky hundreds of thousands that actually went to one of the massive concerts, everything you know about Taylor's flawless singing, infinite costume changes and every single surprise guest has come from word-of-mouth, still images and shaky, low-quality 15-second videos. We're essentially being reminded constantly about the greatest party ever happening right now, but only really getting to see it through a crack in the wall. It's a shadow of what we guess the real performance is actually like.

We assume/hope/pray that there will be a decent 1989 Tour DVD/Blu-Ray, with a feature that highlights everything special about all the appearances from other musicians, models and stars that Tay has hosted; but until that drops, all the plebs that didn't get to go to the tour are getting tired.


2. The endless, painful "news" coverage about it

By now, everyone who still cares about this tour is probably following Taylor's Twitter, Instagram, or even Tumblr; basically, they're getting their information straight from the source. Not to mention Taylor's Mystery Guest Menagerie has become almost a daily event (especially with her seemingly permanent residence at the Staples Centre in LA right now).

So it's starting to get a little bit exhausting to watch every music/entertainment news site clamour to string together 500 words and a clickbait headline every single time that Taylor brings out a new guest. Even we've been guilty of this in the past; but honestly, there are only so many times my mind can be blown or my #SquadGoals can be realised, MTV.

Some might argue that the different stories are appealing to the audiences of the different guests, to which I would counter-argue: Shut up. It's boring.


3. We're running out of celebrities

Seriously, who is there left for Taylor to add to her ever-expanding Swift Squad? The cast of Les Miserables? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? ...Katy Perry?


When Tay's surprise stage guests started off with a mix of just her best pals and "Bad Blood" team members, there was a beautiful message that was indicative of the amazing year of friendship she has had. Then she brought out a literal whole soccer team of "new best friends" and the shark was officially jumped to the point of parody.

Seriously, we know that Taylor is likeable/successful enough that she can get almost anyone to collab with her. That point has been made. But unless she pulls KP onstage to squash their beef in front of thousands, the whole "friendship" angle just feels like it has been hollowed out as the tour goes on, and replaced with something that will generate even more boring headlines the next day. 

We're willing to be proven wrong on this, but we won't know until we see all of the best moments in a sentimental montage on a DVD, dammit.

Taylor wraps up her dates at the Staples centre tonight, and you can bet there will be some sort of big LA-sized finale before she moves on to San Diego this week. You'll be able to get the latest on everything that goes down literally anywhere on the internet tomorrow.