Taylor Swift Fan Recreates All The "1989" Polaroids And It's Awesome

14 January 2015, 12:46 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Nadia's 1989 Recreations
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Super Swiftie Nadia Afkhami puts the way you spend your free time to shame.

We all have our own ways of coping during final exams, but Taylor Swift fan Nadia Afkhani might just have had the most creative procrastination streak of them all.

Nadia's 1989 Recreations

Florida-based Nadia has been spending her time recreating all of Tay's polaroids from the album booklet of 1989 - without even owning a polaroid camera.

The original photos, which include lyrics from her songs written in the bottom space, reached immediate iconic status amongst the Taylor fandom as she posted some in the build-up to the album's release. And so far Nadia has posted her own versions of at least 20 of the images to her Tumblr.

Nadia's 1989 Recreations

"This was so fun to do. Especially as a procrastination during finals week," she notes in a post collecting all the photos so far. "[Taylor] is obviously looking way better than me in these. I tried! Lol."

While there's no denying these photos are full of hella looks for Taylor, Nadia looks just as fantastic in her own versions. And the fact that she has nailed the vintage feel of the photos without even using the same kind of camera is impressive.

Nadia's 1989 Recreations

 Her work even grabbed the attention of Tay herself, who reblogged the masterpost with these words to Nadia:

Taylor to Nadia

Of course, with publicity on the internet, there always seems to be some form of negativity, and a few trolls have come out of the woodwork to accuse Nadia of trying too hard to copy Taylor, targeting her size as an obvious difference. But, like a true Swiftie, Nadia knows how to shake it off.

"Some people commented on the articles that the pictures are the “fat Taylor version” LOL. I mean yea obviously! I will never have taylor’s body type. And that’s ok. Creativity and beauty don’t have a size. Y’all be any size you want! Haters gunna hate hate hate hate hate."


Check out the rest of the pictures over at Nadia's Tumblr.

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