Expert Critical Analysis Of "Shake It Off " Proves That Taylor Swift Is Basically A Professor In Psychology

22 January 2015, 14:59 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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By Jacqueline Bowerman

Welcome To Swift University.

A cognitive psychologist recently spoke to MTV about Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and it turns out Taylor could pretty much be a professor in psychology because "Shake It Off" is basically how-to guide in cognitive therapy.

Put this way, next time you miss a 9am lecture, just put on a copy of 1989 and it'll probably do the job JUST THE SAME. And if psychology's not your thing, who knows what literature lessons you could learn from Lorde, or what physics nuggets you could glean from the words of Pharrell etc etc... Send us more alliterative hypothetical popstar uni courses to: RunOutOfIdeas Reutlingen, Switzerland PO Box... Argh.


"I keep cruisin’/Can’t stop, won’t stop moving." 

"She’s saying basically, regardless, of the chitter-chatter or buzz around her, ‘I’m going to focus on moving on to what’s important in my life or things that I value or goals that I have, a behavioural principle that helps point our compass to what’s important despite what life’s throwing us at the moment. So that’s good advice — doing what’s important to you regardless of what the world around you is giving you helps you get through those inevitable potholes on the road to your goals"

Clever Psychology Man

"It’s like I got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright."

"To me, [that lyric] is cognitive, it’s like, she’s got her own hit song in her own head — which is an interesting parallel to this hit song being an inspiration to everyone else — saying she’s going to be alright. That’s a coping thought — it’s a coping strategy, which to me says a lot about the notion in cognitive behavioural therapy about acceptance.".

The Psychology Man

"Hater's gonna hate."

We tell our patients all the time, people around you are going to be who they are and unfortunately we often have to deal with people in our lives that are negative. The idea is, you don’t have to put your focus externally on those situations, you can turn your lens inward and instead focus on what’s important to you and work on yourself. If you do that, you have much more likelihood of controlling your own thoughts and actions than you ever will controlling the thoughts and actions of the people around you. It’s much better to "shake it off."

The Psychology Man


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