10 Steps To Being The Ultimate Intern

25 September 2015, 12:53 | Updated: 15 November 2016, 16:28

10 Steps To Being The Ultimate Intern

By Alim Kheraj

Let PopBuzz guide you through the wonderful if mysterious world of interning.

Bagged yourself that internship that you've had your eyes on for what seems like forever? 

Great, the first and hardest part is out the way. Now you just need to nail the whole thing. 

Ok, ok - we're making you panic. But don't! We got you; let us guide you through it here, with the 10 steps to being the ultimate intern. 

Step 1) Don't panic! 

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There might be loads of reasons to panic. Like, do you have the right outfit?; will you screw it up and get fired within 15 minutes?; or will your boss proposition you in the photocopy room leading to a rather lengthy and uncomfortable law suit?

But, you need to relax! It's unlikely that any of these things will actually happen. In fact, everyone there will be aware that you're nervous, and they are there to help. As you'll come to understand, it can at times be tough, rough and confusing, but interning can be a blast. Just try not to overthink it. 

Step 2) Don't be afraid to speak up. 

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Like when you first meet your partner's parents or when you're in class, you shouldn't be scared to speak up. In fact, it's probably the best thing you can do when you're an intern. 

People are always looking for a fresh perspective on things. Even if it's your opinion about the shade of green in a dress, whether there's actually anything interesting about that episode of Gogglebox or how much you secretly pine for the love and affection of Pitbull, everything is valuable. 

So, if you're sitting in a meeting and someone asks you what you think, don't be afraid to speak your mind. 

Step 3) Be enthusiastic! 

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Ok, so picture this: it's the 10th time in one day that you've been asked to go on a coffee run/drop clothes off somewhere/pick up something seemingly mundane for one of the bosses, and you're like, "URGH! What's the point of being here if all I'm doing is grunt work!?" Yes those tasks are boring, and yes you might not see what they have to do with anything, but part of the #internlife is to pick up the basic bits. 

All of this in the long run is character building. Part of doing all the boring bits is to test your enthusiasm for what you're doing. So, like Katy Perry in her movie just after she's broken up with Russell Brand (*sobs*), put on a smile and head out. It'll pay off later down the line, we assure you. 

Step 4) Whatever you do DO NOT MOAN ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

It may seem like a good idea to post something awful about your boss or co-worker on Facebook or Twitter, but we're warning you: people do look at these things and they will find it (even if your account is set to private). 

Probably best to keep stuff off social media in general, actually, unless it's praise and love. You don't want to get fired and cry like Bieber...


Step 5) Do hang out with your co-workers. 

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If someone asks you if you want to go for a drink/lunch/coffee say yes! This is your opportunity to make yourself known and to make a proper impression.

Just be careful not to get too drunk or to put your foot in it...

Step 6) Don't be too pushy.

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As we've said, it's important to speak up when the time is right. However, you don't want to get labelled as the person who is always barging into conversations and throwing pointless ideas around. It's great to be enthusiastic, but you don't want to throw your weight around like you own the place. Remember, you're there to learn, too! 

Obviously, be ready to share your ideas and input when those moments do arise. 

Step 7) Be organised. 

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You might have gotten away with handing in your homework a day late at school, college or university, but things are different at work. If you're working towards a deadline, it usually means that you have to stick to that deadline. Keep note of everything you're working on and make sure you prioritise things. 

Step 8) Don't be afraid to screw things up. 


One thing to remember is that most people in the work place don't really know what it is they're doing - a lot of it comes from experience and being quick witted. And, just because they're in employment, it doesn't mean that they don't screw things up. 

There will be a moment where you get something wrong, whether that's jamming the printer (this will happen), spilling coffee (this will probably happen), forgetting to email an important document, getting someone's name wrong, saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, wearing the wrong thing etc etc. Basically, the list is endless. 

What you need to remember is that you're only human and it's natural to get things wrong, especially when you're new at it all. Just remember to learn from your mistakes and not take it to heart. As Tyra Banks would say, learn from this and grow. 

Step 9) Remember to keep in contact with everyone. 

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People always say that they'll keep in touch with each other, and we know it can be hard. We're definitely not innocent on this account. 

However, it's important that you get an email address/telephone number/twitter account/lock of hair so that you can, when the time is right, drop them a line about a possible job, advice and anything else you might need (although we'd not recommend a frantic email about the fact that you've run out of clothes and are low-key buying underwear everyday from a thrift store). 

Basically, you'll never know what might happen *sings "Someone Like You"*...

Step 10) Remember to have FUN! 

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Well, this one speaks for itself, doesn't it! 

The Intern is out across the UK 2 October.