The 17 Emotional Stages Of Interning

25 September 2015, 11:53 | Updated: 15 November 2016, 16:28

The 17 Emotional Stages Of Interning

By Alim Kheraj

We've lived that #internlife, we know these #internfeels.

Being an intern can be one of the most rewarding, stressful and interesting things ever. Regardless which industry you're working in, you'll always remember those forays into the world of work. 

However, having been former interns ourselves, we can definitely vouch for the weird and truly crazy emotional stages that the experience can give you...

1) When you finally receive that email confirming that you've bagged yourself an internship and you're like...


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2) You totally have images in your head that you're going to be a bad business b*tch who struts around the office in a power suit owning it all. 


3) In fact, you imagine yourself saying this about 20000 times a day.

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4) However, the closer you get to the start date the more you start to panic about what clothes to wear. Dress to impress, right?

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5) Suddenly it's the night before your first day and you're gripped with high levels of fear that result in pulling these faces for about five hours. 


6) You walk into the office on your first day and someone tries to speak to you, but you freeze because you desperately don't want to embarrass yourself.

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7) And then you spend the first few days waiting for someone to give you an assignment while you text your friends asking them what you should be doing...

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8) That feeling you get when you've finally figured out what you're supposed to be doing and someone asks you to go and make some coffees. 


9) Also, you TOTALLY start getting a crush on the hot office assistant who keeps asking you to photocopy stuff but you keep making an idiot of yourself in front of them and you want to hide behind your desk. 


10) And there will be the moment when you screw everything up, when it feels like the world is about to crumble around you, and you're just waiting to get marched out by security.


11) You'll also pull this face...a lot.


12) You're also convinced that some of the stuff that you're being asked to do is totally random.

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13) However, there is nothing more satisfying than the warm fuzzy you feel when you do a good job on something and someone compliments you.

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14) And while at times it might be overwhelming, you're learning LOADS all the time, which is pretty great.


15) Even if your boss does insist on taking naps on your shoulder...

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16) And at the end of your time you'll get twinges of sadness and you won't want to leave. 

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17) However, you will be the tiredest person that has probably ever existed, so it'll be AMAZING to sleep forever...


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