Here Are The Most Brutal Lines In Drake's New Meek Mill Diss, "Back To Back"

29 July 2015, 13:14 | Updated: 13 December 2018, 12:42

Drake at Wimbledon 2015
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Drake is serious on his new track, "Back To Back"

It's been exactly one week since Meek Milly went on his twitter tirade, but Meek vs. Drake might be the feud that keeps on giving. The pair have kind of traded disses, first with Drake's "Charged Up" followed by Meek's fake diss

Now, Drake is back with another diss track which levels up on "Charged Up". It's essentially the diss he should have released instead of waiting 7 whole days to really go off. 

Here are Drake's most brutal lines from "Back To Back" explained.

When I look back I might be mad that I gave this attention /
 But it's weighing heavy on my conscience.


Explanation: Drake is notorious for not responding to rumours, speculation, or any type of Drake-related news. Meek Mill's diss has clearly weighed heavily on him, forcing him to use good friend, Nicki as cannon fodder.


This for y'all that think that I don't write enough 
/ They just mad 'cuz I got the midas touch.


Explanation: Meek Mill reckons that Drake doesn't write his own verses. Drake is clapping back by explaining that the only reason Meek would say such a thing is because Meek doesn't have nearly as many hit songs as Drake.


Is that a world tour or your girl's tour/
I know that you gotta be a thug for her.


Explanation: Here Drake pokes fun at the fact that Nicki and Meek's current touring status places Nicki as the headliner and Meek as a supporting act. Drake acknowledges Meek's overly macho overtures and counters that by suggesting Meek is insecure about being the least famous rapper in his relationship.


Yeah, trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers/
You getting bodied by a singing n--ga.


Explanation: Drake has observed Meek's penchant for airing his grievances via twitter. Once known as "hood" figure (Meek was jailed for possession of a deadly firearm), Drake suggests that Meek has now become a keyboard warrior and that he even gets shown up by Chris Brown on his own tracks.


I don't wanna hear about this ever again /
 Not even when she tell 'em that they better as friends.


Explanation: This is Drake's way of letting everyone know that he is done talking about this feud. Drake is also playing Nostradamus and predicting that Nicki and Meek won't last.


Shout to all my boss b--ches wifing n--gas. Make sure you hit him with the prenup.



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